Academic Excellence Vs Financial Freedom: The Brawl we can’t ignore

Many Nigerian students are faced with the dilemma of making a choice between academic excellence and financial success.

That would frankly be a saddening reality because in the first place, both are essential ingredients in human development and are central to true success.

To begin with, the argument of making a choice between the two is derived from the misleading premises that academic excellence and financial success are mutually exclusive.
Ideally, the former should be a stepping stone to the latter.

But students who opine the reverse are not also entirely wrong.
Many students will attest to the fact that the best brains in their high school and tertiary school days are not the richest people they know today.
The Bill Gates example is quickly given.
But hey, Zuckerberg was a Harvard graduate too you know.
The nerds who spend more hours poring over texts in libraries, studying laboriously and aceing their courses are not always the billionaires in societies nor the captains of industries.

The big question would be, WHAT THEN SHOULD A STUDENT PURSUE?
To reiterate my point, there’s no question of a choice here.
Academic excellence does not hinder a student from making choices that would ultimately guarantee financial success.
As a matter of fact, diligent studying can only increase your knowledge of money making.

Another key factor here would be understanding what academic excellence really is.
Making good grades do not solely translate to academic excellence.
Cramming is real and has helped many students excel in exams, but cannot be said to be real intelligence.

When we separate crammed studies from an in depth understanding of subject matters, we can arrive closer to the actual meaning of academic excellence.
At this point, it becomes clearer why some supposedly smart students don’t make it to being financially buoyant.

Academic excellence can never he overrated.
Making good grades which is not an exclusive indication of academic excellence can be overrated and IS OVERRATED.
That is the core difference.

The system should focus more on emphasising real academic excellence which of course should aid a an individual in achieving financial success.
It takes good brains to turn thousands into millions.
You can have it both.
You SHOULD have it both!!

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Nnenna Eze
Nnenna Eze

Good point made here. Academic excellence vs financial freedom, indeed both can be attained, in fact both should be attained. Reality, most would pick financial freedom over the latter.. In our world today, money seems to be the chase and the believe that with or without the stress of school one can still ‘blow in life’ plus as you did say, the bookworms don’t seem to be the rich ones at the end of the day… So many youths honestly, use bill gates and others as a real life example to say at the end of the day ‘school na… Read more »

Ezeugo Augustine
Ezeugo Augustine

Professor Micheni’s words “Academic excellence is overrated. Being top of your class does not necessarily guarantee that you will be at the top of life.

You could graduate as the best student in Finance but it doesn’t mean that you will make more money than everybody else.
School reward people for there memory
and hail those who live by the rules while life rewards people for the Imagination and exalts those who break the rules and set new ones.

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