Top Ten Collaborations we want to see in 2020. No.1 could start a War!


Game changing collaborations have always been a part of the success stories of most artistes in the industry; can be cosigns or just random chemistry between two artistes but in the long run the pair up always leads to massive commercial success for the two or three artistes involved. In this list we are going to be checking out collaborations that are about to happen and the ones we can practically only see in our dreams but hey..dreams come true right?


10. Asa & 2baba

Asa & 2baba

Its no longer news that these two artistes are legends and icons in the making coming through with superstar songs that changed and rebranded music in Nigeria. Asa’s massive 2007 hit ‘Jailer’ which popped up from her debut self titled album ‘Asa’ gave us a soulful singer who was well on her way to becoming a legendary afro soul queen as it went on to solidify her presence in Nigeria’s mainstream music scene right after she left France. 2Baba’s monster 2004 hit ‘African Queen’ is still the biggest song of his career till date as it’s still one of the most streamed African songs of all time. I’m sure right now you can see how magic and wonder could really clash and create the biggest bang in Afro music if these two heavyweights were to have a song together, not so long ago they kicked off their YouTube concert and hopefully the end result will be a massive collaboration.

9. Simi & Teni

Teni & Simi

When you feel like talking about super scintillating R&B and AfroPop sounds, I don’t think the conversation can ever be complete without having these two in it, both artistes have churned out timeless songs that have resonated with a lot of people, both artistes have become the biggest winners at The Headies Awards with Simi becoming the second female artiste in history to win in the ‘Album of the Year’ category right after Asa won in the same category in 2008. Alot of people would want to hear these two on a track together.


8. Tems & BurnaBoy

Tems & BurnaBoy

Being one of 2019’s top break out acts, Tems has shown the world that potential is practically the only thing she’s got asides her extremely beautiful voice. After being nominated in the ‘Best Vocal Performance (Female)’ category at The Headies for her hit single ‘Try Me’ which topped a lot of charts in Africa, she became an instant favourite for a lot of music lovers especially after she made a charming cover to BurnaBoy’s 2018 hit ‘On The Low’ which had a couple of fans hinting on a potential collaboration between the two artistes in the works, hopefully that will come sooner than we expected.

7. Johnny Drille & Jon Bellion

Drille & Bellion

One of biggest names in folk music and R&B, Johnny Drille has succeeded in carving a niche for himself in the industry, staying consistently relevant and being signed to one of the biggest record labels in Africa. After spending what would seem like half a decade making covers to your favourite songs Johnny came through with beautiful songs like Wait for me, Romeo and Juliet, Awa Love and a fan favourite Hallelujah featuring songbird Simi. Sometime in 2019 the ‘Something Better’ singer got to meet American singer and producer Jon Bellion and there are hints on a new single coming through. This is one collaboration I’m personally looking forward to.

6. Tiwa Savage & Yemi Alade

Tiwa & Yemi

Mummy Jam Jam and Mama Africa on a track together? That would spark one of the greatest conversations in the Nigerian pop music scene. It still remains a wonder to a lot of fans why these two acts in their respective decade long careers never really tried to make a song together, yes, they have beefed with each other a couple of times almost the same number of times as Wizkid and Davido but this collaboration is still one to look forward to this year. In Tiwa Savage’s 2019 Live concert in Lagos we got to see the two legends performing gloriously together for the first time ever, we still hope they get to make a glorious record together too.


5. Wizkid & Tems

Wizkid & Tems

Tems still remains on the charts as Wizkid took to his Twitter page early in the year to announce a brand new song which will feature the ‘Mr Rebel’ songstress. No date has been revealed but it’s sure gonna be a musical mashup to look forward to this year. Tems also got to perform alongside Wizkid in his London tour after which Wizkid got all hyped up and made really hot remarks about the singer. I am a very big fan of Tems and hopefully she might get to feature in Wizkid’s highly anticipated album ‘Made in Lagos’.


4. Fireboy, Joeboy & Rema

Rema, Joeboy & Fireboy

Three of the biggest acts from 2018 till date hopping on a track together would shake the scene and create a whole new kind of wave in the industry, even if this collaboration might just end up being one for dreamland we can’t help but imagine and expect its emergence. All three acts have super solid debut hits, all three acts are technically chart toppers and award winners, having Fireboy, Joeboy and Rema on a track might be super magical but it will also spark one of the biggest arguments on social media as everyone would want to create some sort of comparison but all the same I’m still looking forward to it.

3. Cardi B & Davido

Davido & Cardi B

The rapper has been popping since the release of her 2017 hit ‘Bodak Yellow’ which became the first solo single by a female rapper to get to the No.1 spot on the BillBoard Hot 100, she has also gone on to become to first solo female rapper to win in the ‘Best Rap Album’ category at The Grammys for her delivery in her debut album ‘Invasion of Privacy’ no wonder we were so surprised when a snippet of the remix of Davido’s top hit ‘Fall’ surfaced online and we got to hear Cardi B owning a verse. In her interview with Cool FM Lagos in 2019, Cardi revealed her intentions to release the remix but being stopped by her label Atlantic Records due to certain personal reasons, she still assured fans that a collaboration with Davido would still be possible. She’s got an album popping up this year, will Davido feature in it? Maybe!

2. Koffee & BurnaBoy

Koffee & BurnaBoy

18 year old Grammy Award winning Jamaican singer Koffee still remains one of the biggest international breakout stars of 2019 coming through with fan favourites like ‘Rapture’ and ‘Toast’. She is currently the youngest Grammy award winner straight out of Jamaica and she’s practically a big fan of BurnaBoy as she performed one of his viral hits ‘Ye’ on BBC Extra. Early in the year a video popped up on Twitter and we got to see the two acts together in the studio recording what would go down to be one of the the biggest songs in 2020. No release date has been disclosed yet but this might just be the single that might hand the African Giant the highly coveted Grammy Award.

1. Drake & Rema

Drake & Rema

Currently the top trend on Twitter at the moment, this is a collaboration we didn’t see coming at all. Rema so far has had a pretty successful career winning awards both locally and internationally, topping different charts worldwide and also going ahead to have his song featured in Barrack Obama’s playlist. Drake’s got a new album coming out and he also announced that he’s got a sick song with Rema coming up real soon, now the last time we heard stuff about Drake collaborating with a Nigerian act was when he was set to release his 2016 ‘Views’ album which gave us ‘One Dance’ featuring Wizkid and Kyla which went on to become the rapper’s very first No. 1 hit. What would really shake mainstream pop in Nigeria is if Drake also releases visuals to the new single with Rema. It’s a Twitter war waiting to happen.


What do you think of our list? Got any collaborations you’d love to add? Drop a comment below!


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Collaboration no. 4 will be damn good if it eventually happens


No 1 will sure be a hit but it can’t start a war. Lol

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