Vectra’s ‘The Vibe King EP’ is your favourite African HipHop legend’s real competition (Review)

HipHop in Nigeria and Africa generally has evolved with the times and changes in pop culture, starting of with intense rap battles and back to back hardcore bars and albums to what I’d call bubble gum HipHop otherwise known as Trap/ Lofi HipHop music. In the long run especially in Africa, South African rappers like Nasty C, Cassper Nyovest, Reece and a couple of other superstars stood out to become key players in HipHop simply because they succeeded in making HipHop less serious and more fun and enjoyable. Nigerian HipHop artistes especially the upcomers have struggled to create something of that nature; fusing Alte International HipHop with Street HipHop, we haven’t really seen much success untill now.

This UNN HipHop artiste who prefers to be referred to as ‘The Vibe King’ has popped up to prove that bars alone can’t secure the bag in the HipHop game, he has proven that HipHop deserves to come with a certain type of vibe and all of that is encapsulated in his debut 5-track EP ‘The Vibe King’ which was released on 8th April 2019.


One would expect the first track to have lesser energy than the others but Vectra used this first offering to showcase his top notch lyricism and also to dub himself the greatest rapper alive. Sampling a line off of Rihanna’s ‘Man Down’ he creates a melodious hook that will be pretty difficult to forget and yes the word play in the verses are just so hilarious and totally witty.

SHOOT ft Sammie T Beatz

This is Vectra on the offensive as he vows to come for rappers who think him to be basic and ‘a part of the audience’. With stellar production from Sammie the gun shots in the background evoke some kind of rage and ‘realness’ in Vectra’s lyricism. The industry at the moment has a really subtle way of downgrading and watering down the efforts of upcomers but Vectra on this track is reloading the guns and he’s so ready to shoot.

WE ARE ft Xcriva & Daddy Mufasa

Every rapper deals with the pangs of being referred to as basic and average but Vectra on this track sounds like one who has struggled with it longer than most newbie rappers in the game and he subtly rolls out his portfolio and hypes up his Hip hop persona whilst getting all boppy and trappy with Xcriva and Daddy Mufasa. This should be a favourite for all lovers of Trap Music.


On this track we got to hear the melodious vocals of a commercial genius as he tries to fuse the Afro Pop sound with his signature HipHop vibe. One thing can be detected on this track; his ability to enjoy himself on a track even as he tries to cover up the not so obvious fact that he is struggling with his vocals as a singer. Its not everyday you find a rapper who can also make a good singer but on this track Vectra proves that he can switch up the tempo and make all things possible…..once he’s done with the imaginary Delilah that’s always putting him in trouble.


My favorite off of the project, Vectra finally tells that tale he’s been teasing and hinting on since the first track. The 4 minute track which is sure to give you the Nas, Jay Z, MI and Kanye West vibe all together tells the tale of a 15 year old boy who released his debut single and how he got disappointed that it didn’t really blow up, it also tells the tale of dark moments in Vectra’s life when he was really close to giving up on the music and squarely focus on the books but as time he went on he got see that the worst thing any passionate artist would ever do is lose focus. It’s beautiful, dark and totally memorable.

It’s not everyday university rappers like Vectra get to have the patience and the spirit of perfectionism to come through with such a deep but boppy project. One thing you will be compelled to believe after streaming the EP on AudioMack is the fact that Vectra’s ‘The Vibe King EP’ is your favorite African legend’s real competition.



Written by Bobby Ngene

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